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What we do

Arabic to English Text Translator


Documents, Reports, Studies, Books of every kind for both personal or business use.
We also are experienced with very particular contraints:
from translating on a very short deadline up to months-long  projects.

Language Translator


translation: financial, economic, technical, religious or cultural.

We have done it all.
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As a stand alone service or in combination with translation in  Arabic, English, French, and German.
We also proofread to ensure quality and accuracy.

arabic translator


We use Subtitle Edit and Microsoft Office.
Very short arrangements or one line only.

What we charge

Possible Discount

- 0,01
per word
  • One or several of the items below are true and make things easy.
  • Very general content, lots of repetitions
  • Simple design, or no formatting at all
  • No dealine or very long


per word
  • The translation is a normal text without special difficulties, to be delivered in a average time.
  • Normal vocabulary
  • No special formatting
  • Normal deadline

Possible Surcharges

+ 0,01
per word
  • We add € 0,01 for each item below, depending on the text, the format and your sepcial needs.
  • Special content, special agreements
  • Exclusive design, specific formatting
  • Delivery in 24h or even faster

What makes us special?
Why do we do what we do?

Arabic to English Text Translator


We love to help with good quality translations that consider culture as a vital part of life.
As Anthony Burgess said:
Translation is not a matter of words only;
it is a matter of making a whole culture intelligible.

languages matter

We believe that every language matters, and that preserving, developing and celebrating each language is a beautiful responsibility that we have as human beings.
So we want to take part in that work by researching, documenting, analyzing and developing the languages of the Mediterranean region.
English to Arabic Translator Service

bridges into lives

We love diving into the diverse and fascinating ways we as humans communicate, and want to play our part in preserving and celebrating those tools.

We also believe that language can either be a barrier which separates people or a bridge into lives, hearts and minds.

We want to play a part in making language a bridge both by encouraging language learners and by producing quality translations.

العربية - ARABIC

We work with linguists and language specialists who care passionately about the development and research of minority languages.
Specializing in varieties of Arabic (colloquial and standard) and the vernacular languages of North Africa, we have a wealth of experience in linguistic research, language documentation, and language development.


The Team

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What else do we do?



between the languages of North Africa (Modern Standard and North African varieties of Arabic) and English, French and German. This is our main occupation.

viral marketing service

Language Learning

We coach language learners throughout their sojourn in a new culture, helping them to grow, plan, and assess their progress. This is more a passion!


Language Development

Our goal is to support the development of languages through linguistic research, documentation and promotion. We are involved in some projects with partners - as linguistic consultants!

Language Matter

Our BLOG at ilès Tunis in 3 ½ Languages